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The typical life of an asphalt paved road is 15-20 years. All pavements deteriorate, and the deterioration begins the moment the pavers pull off from the job. Weather, age, and traffic are constantly working to reduce the condition of the asphalt, causing them to crack and become an obstacle course of potholes. Proper maintenance, by early implementation of a pavement preservation program will increase the condition of your roads, drivability and life of the pavement. Over time, costly repairs or an overlay is necessary to extend the life of the road. Many times, asphalt overlays quickly begin to show radiant cracks due to stresses from the old underlying pavement and foundation issues. This increases the long-term maintenance costs by constantly having to reseal, refill, and repair the road. Paving fabrics are specifically designed to slow or stop the deterioration making paved surfaces into a more durable, longer lasting system that stands-up to the forces working against them. A minimum upfront cost, adding value to the infrastructure, reducing long term maintenance costs and extending the service life of your new asphalt, makes paving fabrics a wise investment.

No matter how well designed or constructed, roads will deteriorate over time.  Maintenance and rehabilitation are what we use to slow down the deterioration process.  Here are a few examples and solutions that we offer to help identify and address your needs. Click the pictures to learn more.

Mall rd repair

Parking lot repair

Cracked joints, and corners
new road ,new crack

paving grid reinforce

Milled surface shows base cracks
Crack seal
Failing joint

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