Pavement Joints

Paving represents a major investment, and demands an approach to solving existing pavement problems, getting the best value for the money, and service life. Joint deterioration is the cause of most premature pavement failures. Improving joint construction by stopping water permeability with paving fabric is a solution to improve the pavements performance and service life. Reflective cracks can also form in asphalt laid over concrete. Movement of individual concrete slabs when they expand and contract as a result of daily or seasonal temperature fluctuations cause strains in the asphalt, which can lead to cracks forming directly above the joint in the concrete. Joint fabrics provide a reinforcement layer between the existing pavement joint and asphalt overlay, this reduces the potential for thermal and stress-related cracks reflecting through to the surface of a new asphalt overlay. This road reinforcement system can be used in joints and for lane widening or full width repairs.