Chip Seals and Preseals

Chip seals are constructed by evenly distributing a thin base of asphalt emulsion onto an existing pavement and then embedding finely graded aggregate. The aggregate is evenly distributed over the emulsion, then rolled using heavy rubber tire rollers creating the finished surface. The introduction of polymer-modified emulsion binder has increased chip seal’s ability with stone retention and improving elastic recovery properties in the binder. A chip sealed surface can optionally be sealed with a top layer, which is referred to as a fog seal. Fog seal helps lock down aggregate, giving a black surface that helps melt ice and snow better than untreated surfaces, and gives a better contrast for striping.


  • Most economical asphalt pavement surface treatment
  • Waterproofs underlying pavement
  • Reduces oxidation and raveling of underlying pavement
  • Extends overall pavement service life
  • Recyclable

Preseal application on a milled surface.

Completely floods the milled or existing surface with emulsion sealing small cracks that might have been missed if crack sealed.

Emulsion can be modified with Polymer Binder to increase flexibility during freeze thaw cycles.

Cover Aggregate creates an independent plane that helps slow crack propagation.

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