Benefits of Paving Fabric Interlayer

Paving Interlayer Systems have been extending the life of new AC pavements and AC overlays for over 40 years. When paving fabric is placed between the layers of pavement, the bond that is established between the old and new pavement become the waterproof and stress absorbing layer that reduces reflective cracking of the new asphalt surface layer. When used properly the paving fabric extends the life of the pavement and reduces the life cycle costs and maintenance.

This project was for Cuyahoga County and used a preseal on the milled surface and a 25kN hybrid interlayer. The overlay is void of cracks.

Paving fabrics stop the movements of base crac

This road in Great Britian is a great example of fabric interlayers stopping crack migration.

the Road fabric keeps the sub layer from moving

Paving fabrics help strengthen the asphalt base by creating a waterproof barrier for the preservation of the foundation, creating a stress relieving layer between the existing pavement and asphalt overlay, also reduces the migration of existing cracks into the new overlay, thus extending the useful life of the overlay.