Composite Grids or Paving Fabric

GlasPave and Joint

Asphalt is an ideal material for road construction, but reflective cracking in new asphalt layers is a daily problem. Decisions to remove and replace problem areas can be very expensive and time consuming. Paving fabrics offer an alternative solution to traditional rehabilitation, in some instances, by eliminating a “mill and fill” and traditional dig out repairs. When a tire passes over a crack in the road, bending and sheer stresses are induced in the overlying asphalt layer. The degree of stress depends on the thickness of the overlay and the integrity of the subgrade. Cracking is mainly the result of thermally- or traffic-induced fatigue, the strength and stiffness of the overlay are reduced by each event until reflective cracking shows in the overlay. Installed between an asphalt leveling course or base and the surface course, paving fabric becomes the hidden strength in a road, effectively mitigating reflective cracks.  

GlasPave features a unique combination of fiberglass mesh embedded between layers of high-performance polyester fabric. This results in the highest tensile strength at low strain (3-5%) compared to any conventional, full coverage paving fabric or mat product on the market. This combination of materials and engineered strength helps reduce reflective cracking, improve road performance, lower maintenance requirements and extends pavement service life.

GlasGrid Pavement Reinforcement Systems are composed of fiberglass strands coated with an elastomeric polymer and formed into a grid structure. Each strand has a remarkably high tensile strength and high modulus of elasticity; this is particularly important as asphalt concrete typically cracks at low strains.

HaTelit family allow a significant extension of renovation intervals. Flexible, high-strength, temperature-resistant grid for effective reinforcement of asphalt layers. Thus the useful life of the traffic areas is extended. Because of the associated reduction in maintenance costs, HaTelit offers a very economical solution for the repair of road surfaces.

GlasPave 25 or GlasPave 50